Tips for a More Enjoyable Swim

Excerpt from Previous Newsletter

Read the board prior to workout.  Know the upcoming announcements, schedule changes and events.  Plus read and get the equipment to be used during the workout.

Introduce yourself to unfamiliar lane mates.  You just might be swimming together for the next few years.

Arrive on time, get in a good warm up and avoid making the other swimmers in the pool adjust lanes and move all of their equipment.

On the first 400 warmup swim, after the announcements, swimmers should continue to swim in a circle unless the coach has told you to split the lane.  We do have swimmers who arrive late and placing them in a lane is easier to do if everyone is swimming in circle pattern.

Learn, know and remember your base interval time for 100 free.  Remember the base interval time is your swimming time plus 5-15 seconds of rest.  You should be able to swim 5-10 x 100 free on this interval.  Your base interval time makes it easier for the coaches to place you in the best lane for workout.  We are also encouraging everyone to become more knowledgeable of their non-free/IM interval.

Bring a snorkel to use on some of the drills, especially tricep extensions (one of my favorites), keeping your head in the water will help with breathing.  Snorkels are sold at the fitness center.

We strongly suggest that our masters swimmers purchase their own fins for the workouts.  We recommend the Zura fins (small blue ones) as they best mimic the shape of the foot and put less pressure on the joints.  We do know the large, long fins do make you go faster, but we would like to save the fins in the bins for the TCA swimmers.  The Zura fins are available at the fitness center.

Be aware of where you are in the lane.  Try to stay right next to the lane line to avoid hitting arms with your lane mates.  Swimmers who breathe to the left and never see the lane line need to be even more aware of their place in the lane.  When swimming fly in both directions, you may have to do single arm while passing a lane mate going in the opposite direction.  Everyone should expect to be hit or poked at sometime and never does it occur on purpose.   Please be courteous and say you are sorry.

At the end of the workout, when you are moving toward the ladder to get out, do not cross into another lane until you are sure they have completed their set and are not taking off again.  Then prior to moving into that lane, ask the swimmers if you can cross.  DO NOT CROSS while swimmers are still coming into the wall and be sure to ask first.  We have had too many crashes!!

Get involved in your swimming program beyond just swimming at the workout.  Help or swim at a mini meet, try an out of town meet, come to a social event, volunteer to help at Pinecrest, stay for the potluck deck parties, help at the kids mini meet., go to coffee with your lane mates.  Being involved in our program has benefits way beyond just swimming.  We have a great group of people who swim.  Get to know the people you swim with and you will love swimming even more.