Swimmer Etiquette

Excerpt from Previous Newsletter

Just a few things to remember to make everyone’s swimming experience more positive.

At the end of your workout time, please remember that another group of swimmers is waiting to enter the pool.  Either exit the pool quickly or move to the side of the lane so the next group can begin their warmup.

Many swimmers need to exit the pool via the ladders.  Prior to crossing another lane, as you move toward the ladder, ask the swimmers in that lane if you may cross their lane.  Be aware if the swimmers in the lane are finishing their set or if they are taking off on their next swim.  Prevent crashes and be courteous.

We have a problem with too many swimmers arriving late for practice.  The workouts begin with warmup at the scheduled time of the workout.  All of the coaches try to rearrange lanes during the warmup time, so the lanes are balanced by ability and numbers.  Unfortunately, many swimmers arrive during this 10 minute period and lately too many are arriving even later.  As a result, swimmers already in the water may have had to interrupt their swim time to move several lanes.

We realize that some of our swimmers are hurrying from their work to make their swim workouts especially at noon and as a result maybe late.  If you are arriving late, we want you to catch the coaches attention from the gate/fence area and let the coach know you are coming in late.  This way we can save your spot in the lane and not inconvenience the swimmers already in the pool.  Please be courteous to your fellow swimmers.

Lane Courtesy

Introduce yourself to everyone in your lane and welcome new swimmers.

Before entering a lane, ask the swimmers in the lane what their base interval is for 100 free (everyone should know their base interval).  With the base intervals of the swimmers, you will more easily be able to swim in the correct lane.

If you find yourself in the wrong lane, too fast or too slow, ask the coach if you should move to a different lane.

Be courteous in your comments to the other swimmers in your lane.  Always swim in a circle during the ten minute warmup and the 400 warmup swim.

Warm Up and Late Arrival

There are numerous scientific studies supporting the importance of warmup prior to exercise of any kind. Swimming requires the use of both the arms and legs and challenges the heart and lungs. The importance of warmup becomes even more important and necessary as we age.

We are stressing the importance of warmup because we are seeing more and more of our swimmers arriving later and later to begin the workout. With the number of swimmers increasing in the workouts during the summer, late arrivals are becoming more disruptive to the swimmers who have arrived on time. As coaches, we try to place swimmers in the lanes that best match their ability, but with late arrivals this task becomes more difficult. Moving lanes of groups of swimmers after the warmup time has passed and placing swimmers in the correct lanes is not always possible.

We do realize that some of you are coming from work and are hurrying to get to the workout, but we would like to encourage the remainder of those who arrive late to try and leave for the pool 15 minutes earlier. Remember that warmup is important and being courteous to your lane mates is equally important.


Remember to return equipment to the proper bins and stack your boards after your workout. We do encourage TCAM swimmers to purchase their own fins. The Zura fins are available at the fitness center along with snorkels for purchase.

New Swimmers

We have many new swimmers joining us both in the TCA and TCAM programs.  Especially in the adult workouts, please remember to introduce yourself and welcome our new swimmers.  Starting a new program is always a bit intimidating and a friendly, helpful lane mate can make that first week much more