Improving Your Swimming

We are frequently asked by swimmers how they can get better at swimming. Stroke technique is obviously the best way to improve.  As coaches, we are hopefully giving you tips to help with your stroke improvement. We do many drills which help to break down one part of your stroke and focus on that one part. Stroke drills must be done more slowly and correctly in order for change to occur. Unfortunately, many rush through the drills. Here are a few additional thoughts and ideas to possibly help you improve (not in any specific order):

  1. The one thing that will help, is to swim correctly and more often. If you are currently swimming three times a week, why not add another workout. On Thursdays, our focus is drills and stroke work, so maybe add a Thursday workout. Saturdays are a great day to add a workout and now we have two workouts.
  2. Supplementing your swimming with cross training, weight training, yoga and specialty classes will help make you stronger, more flexible, and will possibly help your swimming.
  3. Swimming a bit out of your comfort zone, by swimming at a different time with a different set of lane mates can challenge you and possibly make you work a bit harder. Always swimming with the same lane mates can get very comfortable.
  4. Could you possibly move up a lane and drop your base interval time on the free swims? Can you easily make your base interval? Are you able to carry on a conversation on the wall at the end of your swims? Are you swimming hard?Ideally, on the 100’s you should not have more that 10 seconds rest for our more experienced swimmers. Everyone should feel challenged.
  5. Are you watching the clock and monitoring your improvement? Do you try to go on your given interval or just resort to taking 10-15 seconds rest? Do you try to hold a set time on the free swims? Paying attention to the clock and your intervals will help you improve.