Del Valle Reservoir Swims June 10-11, 2017

The  popular annual Del Valle Reservoir swims took place over the weekend of June 10 and 11.  The reservoir is located outside of Livermore.

Ten TCAM swimmers tackled the four different distances, ranging from 1.2K to 10K.

For the first races the 5K and 10K swims, the conditions were poor with the wind blowing and white caps rolling across the reservoir.  The distance swimmers lined up in two waves.

The swimmers rounded the course two times for the shorter swim and four times for the longer race.  Siting for the buoys was extremely difficult with the high waves and rough water.

Peter Oliver, 59 was the lone team representative in the 10k.  He finished in 3:02:48.75.  His time placed him third in the 55-59 division.

In the 5K race, Patti Philpott, 47 sprinted to the finish in 1:44:52.15.  She was followed by Greg Jacobus, 66 in 2:03:33.20 and Collette Scales, 57 in 2:23:43.50.

Philpott placed 4th in the 45-49, Jacobus was 6th in the 65-69 and Scales finished 16th in the 50-54.

The following day, the weather and water conditions were equally as bad with huge waves and rough water.

The 1.2K swimmers lined up on the beach in waves based upon submitted entry times.  The fastest swimmers were seed first.  The racers followed a course around three turn buoys then returned to the beach.

Finishing first for the team was Oliver in 21:10.55.  Not far behind was Philpott in 26:01.25.  Jacobus finished just over 30 minutes in 30:19.55.

Just over a minute of each other were Scales in 34:38.00 and Susan Loyd, 57 in 35:56.55.  Followed closely by Laurie Perry, 63 in 39:04.40, White in 39:06.85 and Joan Turner, 56 in 40:50.40.

In the awards for the 1.2K, Oliver placed 3rd, Philpott was 5th, Jacobus was 6th, Loyd was 10th, Turner was 11th and Scales finished in 21st in their respective age divisions.  Award placings were not available for Perry and White.

After a half hour break, the swimmers lined up in seeded waves for the 2.5K swim.  The swimmers did a single loop around six buoys.

Oliver raced to a fast 40:15.95.  He was followed by Philpott in 52:0150, Jacobus in 1:02:25.25, Faylan Cannon, 54, in 1:08:46.20, Loyd in 1:13:40.95, Erv Kroeker, 76, in 1:26:32.80 and White in 1:27:23.45.

Placing in their respective age divisions were Oliver in 4th, Philpott in 6th, Jacobus in 9th, Loyd in 12th and Cannon in 17th.  Cannon swam in the wetsuit division.  Final placings were not available for Kroeker and White.

The open water season continues throughout the summer.  At each swim, points are accumulated for top ten finishes in each age division.  Awards are presented at the end of the season to the top five winners in each age group.