August 2017 Newsletter

August 4, 2017


The weather has turned HOT!!  You are all so fortunate to be swimmers and have the opportunity to cool off and get an hour of exercise in the pool.  The perfect place to be this month is in the water.  Tell your friends to join us.  See you at the pool!


No schedule changes in August
Monday, September 4, Labor Day  —  TCAM workouts 9:00, 10:00, 12:00 and 1:00


Our annual TCAM Pinecrest open water swim is Sunday, August 27.  The swim is one of our primary social events for our team.  We would like to encourage everyone to take part in the morning activities. In order to provide a safe and fun event, we need a lot of help.  Volunteers are a huge part of our Pinecrest swim.  We would like everyone to bring food to share for the potluck brunch after the swim.   Remember it is really all about the food.  Read on for further details.


This year we are offering both long and short sleeve shirts in either black or white.  Marylou has created an awesome original design for the shirts.  I know you will want one, but maybe you really need one of each style and color. We encourage everyone, not just the swimmers, to purchase one of the shirts.  Wearing our TCAM shirts, helps spread the word about our program and emphasizes that you are proud to be a part of our group.  The shirts are $20 for short sleeve and $25 for long sleeve plus tax.  Order forms are available at the desk.  I have extended the due date to Monday, August 14.  Do not miss out, order your shirt or maybe one of each, today.


Our group leaders are set for each of our volunteer committees, but we need help in the following areas:

  • Setting up the swim area
  • Registration
  • Kayak or water craft
  • Timing and finish line
  • Food
  • Clean up (everyone gets to help!)

Volunteer sign up sheets will be available on Monday, August 7.  We greatly appreciate everyone who volunteers.  The swim would not happen without our volunteers.  Please sign up.  Thank you.


Registration forms are available at the desk.  Competed forms and entry fee of $25 are due by Friday, August 18.  Checks are preferred, made out to “TCA”.  Race day entries will be accepted at a fee of $40.
As a reminder, our Pinecrest swim is only for ACTIVE TCAM SWIMMERS.  Our insurance will not cover other swimmers.  If you have questions about registering to swim please talk with Patti.


Brent Anderson is coordinating informal Pinecrest practice swims on Sundays at 9:00.  Swimmers should meet by the boat ramp.


Our annual stroke work continues with breaststroke on 8-7 and fly on 8-21.  We will be providing more in-depth instruction on Mondays and some of the lanes will have repeat instruction on Wednesdays.  Plan to attend as everyone can use a few reminders on how to swim more efficiently.


October 13-15  —  Pacific Masters Short Course Meters Championships, Walnut Creek, sprint and distance events, plus lots of relays, team hotel
October 28  —  TCAM PUMPKIN MEET, fun meet, annual pumpkin relay, potluck brunch after the meet
November  —  Brute and Mini Brute swims, TBA
December  —  400 Kick, TBA

Taking the challenge and trying a new event, especially one of the events listed above, can be a bit scary, but very rewarding and fun.  Take the plunge and sign up for one of the meets or special events.  All skill levels are welcome.  Talk with me if you need more information or a bit of encouragement.