October 2017 Newsletter

October 1, 2017


The weather has gotten better, the pool is warm and fall is the perfect time to swim.  We have several special events coming up each month.  Trying new events, especially if they are slightly out of our comfort zone, keep our lives interesting and exciting.  So why not swim in a mini meet, try the mini brute swim or kick for 400 yards.  Join in the fun!  See you at the pool.


There are no schedule changes in October.


We are still looking for interested swimmers to join us at the Pacific Masters Short Course Meters Championships.  The 25 meter pool gives everyone a chance to try a new distance and set new personal bests.  The meet offers sprint and distance events plus lots of relays.  The relays score double the points towards the team total.  TCAM always has fantastic relays.  So take the plunge and try an out of town meet, even if you can only go for one day.  Entries are due online by October 4.  A really nice team hotel is available.  Email me if you would like the hotel information.


The Sonora Health Fair will be held Tuesday, October 17 and Wednesday, October 18.  TCAM is going to have a booth to provide information about our program.  We need TCAM swimmers to man the booth from 7-3 on both days.  If you can help for a block of 2-4 hours on either of these days, please sign up with the coaches and list your preferences of work times.  The more people the better.


Yes, pumpkins do float and we have a fantastic pumpkin relay every year at our Pumpkin Meet.  Everyone has had fun racing down the pool with the pumpkin.  Our annual Pumpkin Meet will be held on Saturday, October 28.  Warmups begin at 9:30 with the meet starting by 10:00.  Many events are available, check out the event list on the board.  Following the meet, we would like everyone to bring a fantastic homemade food item to share.  We will have a food contest with everyone voting in several different categories.  Fantastic prizes!  We also need volunteers to help with timing and ribbon writing.  The pumpkin meet is a great meet for both experienced and new swimmers.

** Saturday workouts will be held at 8:00 and 9:00 on Saturday, October 28.


Winter is just around the corner and our fleece team parkas become a necessity.  The parkas are hooded with pockets.  The parkas are available in many sizes including extra large and tall.  At this time of year, the parkas take from 6-12 weeks to arrive so order yours now.  The order forms are available at the desk.  Payment and order forms are due by Wednesday, October 18. Remember to try on a teammates parka so you order the correct size.


Our workouts are now geared toward the swimming of both the Brute and Mini Brute swims which take place in November.  The Brute swim was originated by the Davis Aquatic Masters as a challenge to do the three distance events in a row.  The Brute Swim consists of a 200 fly, 400 IM and 1650 free.  The Mini Brute, which is definitely doable for most of our TCAM swimmers, consists of a 100 fly, 200 IM and 1000 free.  The dates of the swims have tentatively been set for Friday, November 17 at 3:00 and Saturday, November 18 at 10:00.  Remember you can stop and rest if you need to, especially on the fly, so you could do 12×25 fly on the Brute swim.  Take the challenge and give the Brute or Mini Brute a try.  Signups and more information will be available later in October.  We will need volunteers to help time and lap count.

400 KICK

Are you a fast kicker, especially flutter or breast or do you just want to get faster with your kicking?  Then give the 400 KICK a try.  The postal event happens in December, date to be determined.


We hope everyone is encouraging their friends to give masters a try.  We are always looking for new participants to join our program.  Swimming is a great form of exercise and fitness for everyone.


The Oakdale Masters is sponsoring a 1650 swim to benefit the Fattal Foundation which supports cancer research.  The event is being held on Saturday, December 7.  Check out the information sheet on the board or the Oakdale Masters website.  Maybe ask a lane partner to join you for the swim.  Swim a mile and help benefit others.


We have seen an increase in the number of bandaids in the pool and on the deck.  Almost all bandaids fall off in the water.  Please do not wear them in the pool.  If you do and they end up on the deck, please throw them away at the end of practice.  The coaches should not be responsible for picking them up off the deck.


Gum is not allowed on the pool deck.  Please throw your gum away in the locker room before coming out onto the deck.


Since we take attendance, we do notice if you are not at the pool.  Please let us know if you are leaving on vacation, have a surgery scheduled or know that you will be absent from practice.  You can tell the coach on the deck or email me.