Am I Qualified to Join Masters?

The word “Masters” sounds intimidating…

In swimming, Masters simply means 18 and older.

I don’t know all of the strokes, I am not in shape, and I am not fast enough to be a Masters swimmer…

Our Masters coaches and other swimmers do not care how fast you are or if you have never swum in an organized program before. We have Masters swimmers in every shape, size and all swimming levels from very beginner to advanced. The coaches are there to help you learn to swim correctly, improve your fitness level, help you get in shape, and learn to love swimming for life.

What can I expect when I attend a coached practice?

The coach will talk with you on your first day about your past swimming experience. Are you self-taught, had lessons as a child, swam on a team or just like to swim?  If you are new to swimming or if it has been years since you have been in the water, the coach will spend time to assess your ability. You will be given step by step instructions on what to do.  You will be placed in a lane that best fits your current ability. Masters coaches and swimmers are happy to welcome new members. Camaraderie and new friends are a big parts of our TCAM program.

What about exercise as I get older?

Study after study has proven that regular exercise can significantly contribute to good physical and mental health. Swimming has continually been identified as one of the best ways to exercise. Stress reduction, weight control, cardiovascular fitness, reduced cholesterol, increased muscle tone, and endurance are all benefits of swimming regularly. The social benefits are equally important. The friendships found in the TCA Masters program help to keep you in the pool well into your golden years.

Other benefits?

Becoming a member of U.S. Masters Swimming provides additional benefits including insurance, Swimmer magazine, Streamlines e-newsletter, discounts on swimming gear, online workouts, motivational fitness programs, postal events, pool and open water events and a list of places to swim when you travel. Additional  information about USMS can be obtained on their website,

Other activities?

Yes! There are optional friendly team mini-swim meets, open water swims, social events, and Pacific Masters travel meets every year.